Sustainable Health


KickFly’s has always focused on creating a better, cleaner world and at the core it starts with us as a human race. We believe 100% in the medical advancements already made in the cannabis/Hemp industry and we are here to further study and implement better health practices. With a world dominated by big pharma and its manipulation on human health it creates a barrier between alternative options. CBD has been known to reduce stress, inflammation, anxiety as well as great antioxidant benefactor to help combat cancer growth and pain management, only to name a few. With the studies in place, how do we make it better? Simple. Our mission is to further explore and create a sustainable health alternative using Hemp derived CBD to maximize its benefits to the fullest extent. We aim to accomplish this by studying and executing the best growing practices to maximize high yields with the highest purity to create products that actually make a difference. We hope you all follow us on our journey to help benefit the health industry to make it more sustainable for years to come!

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Mountain Mango

Strain testing & results

Cannabidiol Compounds

Seed Batch ONE:

Mountain Mango-

  • Germination from seeds, Colorado bread offspring, New York State grown.

  • Controlled Greenhouse environment

  • Hoppy Frog General PH enhanced soil (neutral)

  • Locally sourced water*